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          Libby’s is a boutique full of unique clothing for women. Celebrating our 15th year in business, we continue to be a source of distinct jewelry and a shopping experience that will keep you coming back season after season.

Come visit us soon!

No matter what your look is   ...   
Libby’s has it all!
Events at Libby’s
Mar 24-Apr 9 - Free Suncatcher Umbrella
                  with a $100 Brighton purchase
Apr 16 - Easter Sunday
Apr 21-May 7 - Ears to You Brighton 
Apr 29 - Mountain City Festival of Tables
                 Wardrobe Show
Apr 30 - Mother/Daughter In-Store
                  Fashion Show
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Have Your Own Fashion Party
                     Would you like a chance to shop at 
               Libby’s at night with your girlfriends?
Call one of your favorite fashion consultants to set up an after hours, private shopping party. You and up to 5 of your friends can shop with your favorite gals.
     We will provide refreshments, great fashions, fun times, and special incentives for your party. Limit up to 6 girls. Call us to setup your party.

PO Box 10   ・  Shamrock Square - 205B Long Street   ・  Jefferson, NC 28640

Free with a $100 Brighton purchase.

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