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Libby’s is a boutique full of unique clothing for
women. Celebrating our 14th year in business, we
continue to be a source of distinct jewelry and a shopping experience that will keep you coming back season after season. Come visit us soon!

No matter what your look is   ...   
Libby’s has it all!
Events at Libby’s
July 1-10 - Shimmering Star Charm -  
                                             Earrings Promotion
July 8-Aug 7 - Love Shack Baby - 
                                   Brighton Ring Promotion
July 14 - What “The KEY” Girls can do for 
July 28 - Fall Fashions start arriving

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Have Your Own Fashion Party
                     Would you like a chance to shop at 
               Libby’s at night with your girlfriends?
Call one of your favorite fashion consultants to set up an after hours, private shopping party. You and up to 5 of your friends can shop with your favorite gals.
     We will provide refreshments, great fashions, fun times, and special incentives for your party. Limit up to 6 girls. Call us to setup your party.

PO Box 10   ・  Shamrock Square - 205B Long Street   ・  Jefferson, NC 28640

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May Fashion Show